A Story.
This is a research into how our body and feelings are effected by emotional events. Sometimes situations occur changing life as you know it, in a smaller or bigger way. How do you deal with this new-found reality when you have questions that might not be answered, and choices that are difficult to make. This is the beginning of a work that is looking to share and touch through a personal story about discovering identity, belonging and confusion around new truths - emotions that probably most people can relate to in one way or another.
Research project funded by City of Bergen. Co-produced by Bergen Dansesenter. New project towards premiere 2021 funded by City of Bergen, Norwegian Art Council. Co-produced by BIT teatergarasjen, Tou Scene, Bergen Dansesenter.

Video: Ingeborg Bjerke Styve

Photo: Tale Hendnes, Mind The Gap 2019


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