What links us together? Roskva Yasmin Andersen / KOLLEKTIVNI examine a fine-knit fabric of relational, social, organic and synthetic connections in a universe where all actions cause ripple effects. This dance piece unfolds underneath a plastic tarp, the dancers moving through various stages and conditions.

Safe and unsafe, strong and vulnerable, calm and chaotic, the bodies and the plastic tarp move together in an explicitly physical expression of connectedness. The dancers move the tarp and it plays along. Mankind leaves a mark, there are no clear boundaries for objects or thoughts. Everything makes up a giant fold.

Taking this thought further through Gilles Deleuze’s book The Fold (1992), the plastic tarp becomes the fold that washes away boundaries between us; connecting us to each other, connecting nature and culture. The fold also symbolises how the world works in a continuum where everything continues to change, and how we as humans are constantly able to evolve through different states and arrive to new experiences. In order to do this, we are dependent on each other and our surroundings.

We are connected in constant change, endlessly folding in and out.  As expressed by Deleuze, the concrete and the abstract, inside and outside – it's all the same. Like the concept of the fold, or this piece where the plastic tarp provides an outside for the dancers' movements on the inside. The plastic fold comes to live like an ocean in constant movement. A variation of meanings and spaces emerge, allowing the audience to form their own associations and narratives together with the dancers and the billowing plastic.

Choreography: Roskva Yasmin Andersen.
Dancers: Lisa Colette Bysheim , Synne Elve Enoksen, Cesilie Kverneland, Rina Rosenqvist, Ingeborg Bjerke Styve, Amy Pender, Brita Grov.

Light design: Dominique Pollet. 
Music: Mads Solberg.
Co-production: BIT Teatergarasjen, RAS Regional Arena for Samtidsdans, Bergen Dansesenter.
Funding: City of Bergen, Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere, Norwegian Art Council.

Video/photo: Maja Hannisdal